Color Options

Alpine White : 300
Arctic Gray Metallic : C27 / WC27
Black Sapphire Metallic : 475
Blue Ridge Mountain Metallic : C35
Estoril Blue II Metallic : B45 / WB45
Glacier Silver Metallic : A83 / WA83
Imperial Blue Metallic : A89
Jatoba Brown Metallic : B65 / C12 / WB65
Jet Black : 668
Kalahari Beige II Metallic : 481
Mediterranean Blue Metallic : C10 / WC10
Melbourne Red Metallic : A75
Mineral Gray Metallic : B39 / WB39
Mineral White Metallic : A96
Platinum Silver Metallic : C08 / WC08
Portimao Blue Metallic : C31
Sunset Orange Metallic : C1X / WC1X
Vermont Bronze Metallic : C1Z

2019 BMW 3-Series Touch-Up Kit

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We sell premium automotive touchup paint and our mission is simple, positive, and meaningful. We are committed to revitalizing your car’s shine and make you feel great about it. We do this one brush stroke at a time with positive environmental impacts! Painting is one of humanity's greatest passions so if there's any scratch or chip on your ride, we take it personally. Our scratch antidote is custom made just for you.

The kit includes everything you need, and nothing you don't need. We provide you one ounce bottles — most other companies only provide half ounce or less — so you'll have enough to complete even the toughest touch ups, with enough left over for future touchups.

What you get:
1 ounce of high build primer.
1 ounce of color matched AkzoNobel paint.
1 ounce of durable and glossy clear coat.
Two extra brushes: one medium and one large bristle for different scratch sizes.
One premium microfiber cloth.
Complete Instructions.

One more thing — we care about the environment. Before opening our doors, we invested in renewable energy innovations, water restoration projects, and commuter carbon offsets for all our employees. We are committed to a sustainability framework that inspires a diverse, equitable, and an inclusive workplace that collectively shares in a positive future. We are primed to have a positive impact on the environment and each year we continue to invest in our customers, employees and the planet.

Thank you for making us your preferred touch up choice! We will send your order quickly and with care. Let us know how it goes.