Easy Application

Time for a game plan Picasso. Start by familiarizing yourself with the kit. Once you're settled in, clean and dry the scratch area. You received a touch up kit with three or four bottles. The 3 Bottle Kit is for most automotive paints that have only one coat of color. However, some automotive paints have a metallic or pearlescent finish that requires two coats of color, commonly referred to as a tricoat and come in a 4 Bottle Kit. Below are instructions for 3 Bottle Kits and 4 Bottle Kits.

Step One


You ready to do this? Clean the scratches with dish soap and water — rinse and dry thoroughly. Grab the bottle labeled Step 1. This is a primer and it will give you a solid foundation to paint on. Gently shake the bottles before opening and as you pull out the paint brush from the bottle, wipe the brush on the lip of the glass bottle to remove excess paint.

Apply 1-3 coats depending on the size of the scratches. For small scratches, only one coat is needed. Larger scratches may require multiple coats for full coverage. Allow approximately 10 minutes between coats for dry time. The primer will dry with an even matte finish.

Step two

The Color

How are you doing? Step 2 is similar to Step 1. Shake, remove excess paint from the brush, and apply thin coats of color to your scratch. Thin coats are better, as it will allow the paint to dry with less ridges from the brush strokes. Dry times are about the same - 10 minutes between coats.Tips: Here’s where the other brushes come in handy. Select the appropriate brush for the job. Large scratch — use the large brush. It’s important to keep the paint within the scratch area. Like you were taught in kindergarten - don’t paint outside the lines. Depending on the size of your scratch you may consider applying an additional coat before applying the clear coat. You’re almost finished.

Step three

The Clear

Yup, this is the last step. After the paint has fully dried, apply one full coat of clear. The clear coat should go on heavier than the previous coats, but don’t go too heavy or you will get drips. Multiple coats may be needed for larger scratches. If this is the case, wait about 15-20 minutes between coats. The clear coat will need about 48 hours to fully dry before you can wax and polish your vehicle. That’s it, you are done! Now get out there and enjoy your shiny new car!

tricoats (pearl coat)

4 Bottle Kits Only

Step 3 gives the color a metallic or pearlescent finish. Wait a solid 10-20 minutes or more for Step 2 to dry. Now apply thin coats one at a time with 10-20 minutes between each coat. How many coats do you apply? Well, it's subjective and we trust your judgment. Apply one coat and let dry. Step back and look from a distance and determine if it blends with the adjacent paint. If it needs a bit more pearl then apply another layer and let it dry.

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