Question and Answer

Q: We launch rockets out of Boca Chica and a rocket was scratched by a pelican on reentry. Can you color match custom paint on rockets?

Absolutely. We have a color spectrometer that can match any custom paint and if you find the pelican we can color match the bird as well.

Q: How do I know I’m ordering the right color?

The best way to ensure ordering the correct color is use the color code stamped on your vehicle ID placard typically located on the driver’s side door jamb. I say typically because rides like Bentley are in the trunk.

Q: I’m so bummed on my first scratch and I know nothing about touch up. How difficult is it to paint a scratch?

We got you covered. Our paints are water based so it can be wiped clean with a moist towel if you make a mistake. The only time it gets difficult is after you add the clear coat which seals the paint. Personally, take your time and start with a small spot in an inconspicuous location. If there’s any issues, you’ll know right away. 

Q: I live in Los Angeles and have a custom ride with a one-of-kind pearlescent paint. Can you match this custom paint?

Bingo, you’re at the right place. Head over to our facility and we will color match your paint using a spectrometer.

Q: I have a lot of bumper chips and nicks. Is there enough to cover all these areas?

Yes, and then some. Each kit comes with one ounce of primer, your color, and clearcoat. One ounce goes a long way.

Q: The color in the bottle looks different from my vehicle's paint. Will the color match once it’s dried?

It’s a good idea to test the color in an inconspicuous location before applying it to the scratch area just to be sure you have the right color. Let the paint dry and apply

Q: What’s a tri-coat?

Tri-coat is a term that’s used to describe a color that requires an extra layer of paint that was applied in the factory. Tri-coats are commonly associated with some pearlescent or metallic paints, but not all. The application process is essentially the same and your kit will come with an extra bottle to complete the touch-up process.

Q: How quickly will I get my touchup paint kit once I place an order?

Fast. Our handling times are one business day and all shipments are sent Priority Mail. Orders shipping to the east coast will take the longest at about 5 days.

Q: We have a fleet of utility trucks. Can you provide touch up kits for us?

Can we ever, and we’ll give you a bulk price.

Q: Yo, my car got keyed from front to back. Is there enough to cover this long scratch?

Yes, you get ounce of primer, paint, and clearcoat, so you are set. However, a key scratch this long and may still be perceivable but less obvious than a fresh scratch.

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