We are primed to have a positive impact on the environment and each year we continue to invest in our customers, employees and the planet. Before opening our doors, we invested in renewable energy innovations, water restoration projects, and commuter carbon offsets for all our employees. We are committed to a framework that inspires a diverse, equitable, and an inclusive workplace that collectively shares in a positive future. 

carbon footprint

Everything we do has a carbon footprint and we are constantly exploring how to be the best environmental stewards with the lowest carbon footprint. Our sustainability framework takes accountability from resource extraction to end-of-life and attempts to shape and be shaped by downstream and upstream sustainability value-chains that have positive environmental impact. Our governance is built with the environment as a partner.

Our operation is 100% electrified — and so is our spirit! Since on-site renewable energy is not feasible at the outset, we elected for Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) that strengthens research and development in our Nation’s renewable electricity generation and ultimately reduces regional air pollution and global climate change.

All of our commuting staff’s emissions are offset using U.S. Carbon Offsets that support a wide range of innovative carbon reduction projects throughout the United States. We invest in Water Restoration Certificates® (WRCs) focused on water management innovations focused on water restoration projects that benefit critically dewatered ecosystems.

Recycle UpCycle Regenerate

Our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and uses black algae ink for print — how cool is that! Black Algae Ink is carbon negative ink and for every pound of Algae Ink used, 26 lbs of CO2 equivalent is captured, and for every 45 lb bucket of Algae Ink has a similar sequestration impact to planting two trees. Algae Ink has more biorenewable content than any other ink on the market.

Every Boston Round bottle is made from 30% post-consumer recycled material and cradled in our inserts made from 30%-40% pre and post-consumer recycled material and verified by Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.

Help us advance our environmental initiative. We are searching for a 100% post-consumer recycled Boston Round and have yet to find one. Let us know if you come across one.